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Xero Payroll

Xero Payroll is a fully integrated payroll system operating within Xero Accounting. Pay runs update automatically into your books, with employee and tax liabilities instantly visible in the main system. Your employees’ payslips are uploaded automatically and available to them via an app, so there are no distribution delays and the whole process is more efficient and secure.

Xero Payroll is an optional add-in if your books are already on Xero, and if you have a payroll and you’re on Xero it’s the obvious (and most efficient) choice. We can operate the payroll for you but if you have a staff member with the correct level of responsibility then we can train them to use it and you can use us as a backup, for example when that staff member is unavailable. User access can be granted separately from access to the main Xero system, but every staff member will get an employee level login so they can access their own payslips.

CMM have been Xero partners and advisors since 2013.

We are MTD ready as well as being certified for Xero Payroll and for client migrations.

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