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For all new clients we package our agreed recurring services up into a simple and affordable monthly fee. These are typically based around the accounting year for the business, with the first payment being due in month 4 of that year and the last in month 3 of the following year. Where a new client is already part-way through a year or even at the end of a year when they join us we deal with the transition separately – this is always clearly set out in your quote.

Our packages are tailored to every client individually. We don’t offer “gold, silver and bronze” style packages with set monthly prices as many other accountants do. Inevitably these result in clients signing up to packages which include services they don’t necessarily need or want, just so they can get to the services that they do want. We’re here to advise you, and as part of that you will expect us to help you to reduce costs where possible, which doesn’t include encouraging you to pay for services that you don’t use!

We put you in charge rather than bundling up arbitrary services on a ‘one-size-fits-all’ basis. What this means is that you can not only choose which services to include, you can also choose the level of that service – one client may want us to handle all their bookkeeping while another may just want us to deal with the expenses side – it wouldn’t be fair to price both at the same rate. This flexibility also allows us to take into account the volume of data being processed.

We can also add and subtract services from our packages as we go along, and increase and decrease elements of each service to take account of changes in the style of processing and volume of data.

For all these reasons we don’t publish set prices as no two clients are the same. We price every client’s package individually and set this out, where applicable with the monthly rates for any add-ons you may wish to consider, in a written quotation for all new clients. The monthly fee for all subscription clients will also list the services included in your package so you always know what's included and what's not.

CMM have been Xero partners and advisors since 2013.

We are MTD ready as well as being certified for Xero Payroll and for client migrations.

Contact us now to find out how to start harnessing the power of the cloud to support your business.

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