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One-Off Projects

Anything that falls outwith a package that we have agreed with you is treated as a one-off project for billing purposes. Typically these will include Tax Planning exercises, non-recurring Business Planning, one-off Management Accounts, Tax Enquiries if you have chosen not to subscribe to our Tax Investigation Service, Company Formations, and one-off or additional training on Xero.

Where you have a package in place and a one-off project commences we will make it clear that the work isn’t covered in your package. If possible we will give you a price for the work, but this can be difficult for more technical projects and those that are dependent on the actions of others. For example if you are negotiating to sell your business we won’t be able to confirm beforehand the exact price of the work as it will depend on how demanding (or otherwise) the potential buyers, and their solicitors and accountants are, not to mention your own solicitors! Tax enquiries are another example of a type of exercise where the costs are difficult to predict. We will usually set hourly rates for such work and can keep you advised as to progress.

Smaller one-offs such as training sessions, setting up a new company, and management accounts are much easier to give fixed prices for.

Many of our longer-standing clients will have existing fee arrangements for services that we now include in packages, such as annual accounts and tax returns. These services will continue to be billed once complete but if you’d rather move on to a package let us know and we can discuss what to include.

CMM have been Xero partners and advisors since 2013.

We are MTD ready as well as being certified for Xero Payroll and for client migrations.

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